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How to network your face off!

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How to get a better, longer night's sleep

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How to search for a job more effectively

how to find a job in your twenties


A little less than two weeks ago, I was called into my boss’s office on a Friday afternoon and he began the conversation with those dreaded words: “There’s no easy way to say this…”

It’s the worst feeling in the world, especially when it had nothing to do with your performance, the company just needed to downsize. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common reality these days. After my initial freak out, I put all the advice I’d collected in career classes, seminars, and school workshops into action. (In the interest of full disclosure, I’m still looking. But I’ve been told to get ready because it’ll take a few months at least. *cringe*)

Get the word out.
The old wisdom was that you shouldn’t let it be known that you’re unemployed because it makes you look desperate or weak. But with unemployment still hovering around 8% nationally, and 20% for twentysomethings and recent college grads, that stigma has really gone by the wayside. Other people must just be embarrassed. It’s not the easiest thing to admit.

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How to get through a breakup in your twenties

Surviving breakups in your twenties

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If you’re anything like me, you were shocked to discover that dating in your twenties is nothing like dating in high school or college. For one thing, the stakes are higher — people start talking about the future and it’s not some distant, made-up thing. Some people are looking for things that you are not looking for, or vice versa.

It’s also a lot more ambiguous, particularly if you’re not on the same page but unaware of it. And even if it’s clear-cut from the beginning, spoiler alert: some relationships end.

The upside to breaking up when you’re still attending classes is if you get publicly upset, people give you a break. I was in high school only for the era of America Online profiles and away messages, but I can only imagine it’s gotten more explosive and emotional since then, what with Facebook, Twitter, and the fact that everyone has a blog. The point is, there is a certain part of your life where it’s completely normal to have a sobbing fit in the cafeteria after you’ve been dumped. But as you age, and break-ups actually hurt more because you’ve invested time and dreams into them, you’re supposed to be mature and calm.

But how do you do it? How do you keep your 9-to-5 when getting out of bed feels impossible? Your blog writer has been in the trenches so you’ll hopefully have a better path. Here are my (totally unprofessional) tips:

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