How to get crazy white whites

So this one's gonna be short but awesome, because we're solving one of those pesky little everyday problems: keeping your whites looking white. Really white. Not beige, not dingy, and not with those gross yellowy stains around the armpits. A keep reading

How to network your face off!

Ever have that feeling of being shocked, yet not at all surprised by a fact? I had that feeling the first time I was told that an estimated 80% of jobs are never listed. I'll give that a moment keep reading

How to make healthy fries that don't suck

Depending on the restaurant, the average serving of french fries is about 275 calories - and no one ever has just one serving size. For a healthier alternative that still satisfies your craving, try this recipe for oven-baked fries. keep reading

How to get a better, longer night's sleep

I feel like I hear the phrase "I'll sleep when I'm dead" way too often these days. And when you say this to me, I don't find you to be an impressive go-getter. I assume you're a manic, high-strung, keep reading


How to get more fiber into your diet right away

High fiber foods


Last week I found out from a nutritionist that 1 gram of fiber cancels out 7 calories. So if you got the recommended 30 grams of fiber per day, you’d erase about 210 calories from your diet, or about the amount you’d burn on a 40 minute walk – just by eating! Of course there are other benefits, like a healthy digestive tract and more regular bowel movements (yes, I said it), which is great for your overall health and will leave you less bloated.

But upping your fiber intake is tough. That’s why most Americans aren’t getting nearly enough. I shoot for just 25 grams a day and fall short quite a bit. So I culled some advice from nutritionists, my beloved Dr. Oz, and my own experience. Then I gathered it here to help you get to the magic number.

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