How to get crazy white whites

So this one's gonna be short but awesome, because we're solving one of those pesky little everyday problems: keeping your whites looking white. Really white. Not beige, not dingy, and not with those gross yellowy stains around the armpits. A keep reading

How to network your face off!

Ever have that feeling of being shocked, yet not at all surprised by a fact? I had that feeling the first time I was told that an estimated 80% of jobs are never listed. I'll give that a moment keep reading

How to make healthy fries that don't suck

Depending on the restaurant, the average serving of french fries is about 275 calories - and no one ever has just one serving size. For a healthier alternative that still satisfies your craving, try this recipe for oven-baked fries. keep reading

How to get a better, longer night's sleep

I feel like I hear the phrase "I'll sleep when I'm dead" way too often these days. And when you say this to me, I don't find you to be an impressive go-getter. I assume you're a manic, high-strung, keep reading


How to get dewy skin (without looking sweaty, greasy, or clammy)

makeup for dewy glowing skin


For those who are not so into skin cancer or Ed Hardy, glowing is the new tan. Maybe it’s because I’m naturally quite pale or my twenties brought on skin issues I’d never had to face before (breakouts and first wrinkle lines? Oh cruel fate!), but I’ve become obsessed with that glowing-from-within look I see all over magazines and runways – and on ungrateful 16-year-olds!

This led me on a search for the best products and methods of application to get a dewy, youthful look without a ton of work. The result of months of research is what you see below. It might look like a lot of words, but it the actual process takes about 5 minutes once you know what you’re doing.

keep reading

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