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How to get crazy white whites

how to clean whites


So this one’s gonna be short but awesome, because we’re solving one of those pesky little everyday problems: keeping your whites looking white. Really white. Not beige, not dingy, and not with those gross yellowy stains around the armpits.

A little while back I was having my comforter cleaned at the laundromat, and the woman working there was folding this insanely perfect load of whites, so I asked her how she got them so clean. I combined her tips with a little research and some experimentation, and bam – whites to impress even anal retentives like myself.

What you’ll need:
Resolve All-Stains Pretreater
Tide Free (or your preferred brand of laundry detergent)
Clorox Bleach
1 Cup Measure

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How to network your face off!

always be on the lookout for networking opportunities


Ever have that feeling of being shocked, yet not at all surprised by a fact? I had that feeling the first time I was told that an estimated 80% of jobs are never listed. I’ll give that a moment to sink in – 80%. percent. of jobs. You still with me? Good. Those jobs are usually filled by a candidate who knew someone within the company. That probably doesn’t surprise you, but if you’re relatively new in your career, the numbers can be staggering and leave you a little bit queasy.

So now you realize networking is even more important than you might have previously thought. Recently I was a volunteer at the New York Women in Communications’ annual Student Career Conference, where industry vets share their experience and expertise with students and young professionals. While sitting in on some of the discussions and watching tons of networking take place, I started to think about what I’ve learned, what I wish I’d known earlier, and what I think everyone should know. Here’s some of the most important networking lessons you need to learn:

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How to make healthy fries that don’t suck

Depending on the restaurant, the average serving of french fries is about 275 calories – and no one ever has just one serving size. For a healthier alternative that still satisfies your craving, try this recipe for oven-baked fries. It skips the oil vat and uses better-for-you red potatoes, but still meets the standards of a picky junk food lover like myself. The best part? There’s only four ingredients! Try it with our healthy burgers.

how to cook healthy fries

Image Source:

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How to get a better, longer night’s sleep

how to sleep better


I feel like I hear the phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” way too often these days. And when you say this to me, I don’t find you to be an impressive go-getter. I assume you’re a manic, high-strung, uber type-A personality who’s going to end up stressing me out. While some people naturally don’t need as much sleep as others, the vast majority of us need 8-9 hours a night to be at our best.

I’m sure I don’t need to rehash the vast benefits of sleep, but maybe – either because you’re young or you’ve never had trouble sleeping – you don’t realize quite how important it is. It’s when your body gets to shut down and restore itself, your cells rebuild, and your brain gets a rest. More quality sleep will improve your health, mood, and appearance. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour or you’re extremely tired in the morning, try some of our suggestions throughout your day for a more rejuvenating sleep tonight.

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How to make the best healthy burgers

make the best healthy burgers


Everyone knows that one person who makes the most amazing burgers imaginable. For me, it’s my Uncle Carlos. I’ve spent years perfecting my own recipe, but since dietary restrictions abound in my house, I set out to make the most delicious healthy burgers out there. I could reduce the calorie and fat content even more by using ground turkey or making it a veggie burger but I think ground beef tastes better. I mitigate that by using lean, grass-fed, organic beef so it doesn’t have a lot of fat, hormones, or chemicals. This recipe can also be made gluten free by using gluten free instead of whole wheat bread crumbs and gluten free burger buns like Udi’s Gluten Free Burger Buns. All amounts are approximate and can be changed to suit your taste.

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How to stop making those dumb girl dating mistakes (that we all make)

avoid dating mistakes all girls make

Source: chris clinton via

I think it needs to be said that I was basically a boy for the better part of my youth. I was a young tomboy, and not in the way Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek or P.J. from My Boys were. I was not a lithe and graceful low-maintenance beauty who could prance around in t-shirts, jeans, and no make up and look like I belonged on a magazine cover. I was not fresh-faced and good to go with just a berry lipstick trotted out on special occasions. I was awkward and frizzy-haired with hips and breasts at a young age, taller than everyone, routinely putting on 20 pounds before a growth spurt in which I sprouted up 4 inches. My guy friends weren’t attracted to me, didn’t harbor secret crushes on me, and didn’t end up as my friends-with-benefits (aside from those one or two sloppy, drunken bad ideas).

This was so much the case that I actually had one of my friends say, “Yeah, you’re a girl, but I don’t really think of you as one. So you don’t count.” (Cha-ching. That was like 6 years’ worth of therapy right there. Dude, you owe me one big fat check. Or a massive cocktail.) But the cool thing about it – besides having wonderful friends and pressure-free escorts to any last minute events – was that I eventually got to experience how guys talk to each other when all the girls leave the room. Most of you girls think you know what that sounds like, but trust me -you don’t. I heard the shocking, the ugly, the depressing, the infuriating, and even the surprisingly poignant. It was… educational. Sort of. It certainly was ethnographic, at the very least.

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How to shrink your spending: 50 real world suggestions

50 ways to cut your spending


I think the age group with the worst money management skills are people in their twenties and early thirties. Besides being financially illiterate, part of what contributes to this is that it’s (hopefully) the first time in your life you’re making real money but you don’t yet have the larger commitments of a house, kids, or big investments. This can lead to the feeling that we have more money than we really do.

Factor in enormous amounts of educational and personal debt and that we tend to live in more urban areas (i.e. higher cost of living), and it leaves you with almost nothing at the end of the month – or worse, with less than you started. I see it around me everyday in my friends and, yes, myself. I know I definitely got the spending gene. Reigning it in is a constant battle.

I’m really not a fan of draconian budgets that only provide for the basics in life because it’s a miserable way to live for a long period of time and it t makes a plan nearly impossible to stick to. It’s like an all-broccoli diet you ditch after a day-and-a-half because it’s too hard. So along with my NMD cohorts and friends, I’ve compiled a list of easy tips to cut your monthly spending and leave you with more to put toward your future (and by “future” I do not mean the new Celine Luggage Tote).

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How to totally win at Easter eggs

the best easy easter eggs

threaded, glitter, stencil, and marbleized eggs

Easter egg dyeing was one of my favorite holiday activities with my mom. The smell of hard-boiled eggs and vinegar wafting through the house just screams childhood. So since I had some extra time this year, I decided to resurrect the tradition and go beyond the standard dyeing. I sifted through a bunch of ideas on Martha Stewart, Real Simple, and craft blogs to pick out things I could realistically do as a craft-impaired moron.

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How to get more fiber into your diet right away

High fiber foods


Last week I found out from a nutritionist that 1 gram of fiber cancels out 7 calories. So if you got the recommended 30 grams of fiber per day, you’d erase about 210 calories from your diet, or about the amount you’d burn on a 40 minute walk – just by eating! Of course there are other benefits, like a healthy digestive tract and more regular bowel movements (yes, I said it), which is great for your overall health and will leave you less bloated.

But upping your fiber intake is tough. That’s why most Americans aren’t getting nearly enough. I shoot for just 25 grams a day and fall short quite a bit. So I culled some advice from nutritionists, my beloved Dr. Oz, and my own experience. Then I gathered it here to help you get to the magic number.

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How to make healthy vegetable dip in 15 minutes

Vegetable dip recipe


In our post about making healthy substitutions, we talked about switching out cream-based vegetable dips and butter on bread for olive oil dressings. Below is a recipe from Real Simple (with my modifications) for fresh vegetable dip that’s so fast and easy, washing and chopping the vegetables will be the longest task. It smells, tastes, and looks amazing at parties.

I also get a cheap glass dressing bottle with a vented pourer from a craft store or Bed, Bath, & Beyond and funnel everything into it. Pour it out, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and you have a warm, healthy dip for whole grain bread and veggies any time. Or you can sprinkle it onto a salad – it quickly becomes addictive.

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